• usable floor area of apartments – 8 098 m2
  • number of apartments – 211
  • garage area – 7800 m2
  • number of parking spaces – 234
  • service area – 1489 m2

The BALTIC WAVES RESORT in Międzyzdroje is a new project with a unique architecture with a wave-shaped façade of buildings. The facility will consist of three apartment buildings designed in an impressive style. The investment’s hallmark will be openwork shutters, which are designed to completely cover the glass facades of the apartments. Their character changes depending on the number of guests staying in the apartments, who opens the shutters and from what perspective we observe the building’s facade. The waves and airiness will give the building a unique character, perfectly matching the seaside.

  • usable floor area of apartments – 3454 m2
  • number of apartments – 80
  • garage area – 1530 m2
  • number of parking spaces – 46
  • service area – 900m2
The GRAND BULWAR apartment building, which is being built at Bulwar Gdański street in Szczecin’s Łasztownia, is an unusual project in many respects, addressed to people who require the highest standards and who value comfort and timeless beauty of modernist architecture. The location of Grand Bulwar – Łasztownia is an ideal place for walks and meetings.